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Shadow Teacher Training

The term ‘shadow teacher’ has been doing rounds in the teaching field for past few years. Aspiring Professional Teacher Training Institute gives teachers or parents a chance to develop their skills as a shadow teacher.

Who is a shadow teacher?
Shadow teacher is a facilitator who works single handedly with a special needs child through her school years so that the child is able to stay on track despite having learning disabilities. It is not necessary that a teacher can only become a shadow teacher, a parent can also choose to become a shadow teacher for the child after adequate training. It is very important for a shadow teacher to have knowledge of learning disabilities and the skills to handle it.

Demand of Shadow teachers:
Demand of shadow teachers are quite high in across the globe. In most schools which believe in inclusive education, the concept of shadow teacher is quite prevalent. The salary of shadow teachers are also quite high as they are skilled and have a certificate or diploma to teach children with special needs.

How can we help?
Aspiring Professional Teacher Training Institute offers certificate and diploma course for special needs teachers. The certifications are internationally recognized and the course is of global standards.

Who can do it course?

  • Special Needs Teachers or SEN Teachers
  • Pre Primary or Montessori Teachers
  • Parents of Special Needs Child
  • Shadow Teachers

Accreditation & Affiliations

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